We Made It Out Alive!

by Melisa Wells on October 21, 2014

As I mentioned last week, D and I had plans to go to Six Flags Fright Fest on Sunday, and we had a great time. It was wonderful to go there with no pressure to get on as many rides as we possibly could so we could feel like we got our money’s worth, since the tickets were a lovely gift. It was completely relaxing—well, except for seeing things like the blood red pool in front of the carousel at the park entry, the ghostly, creepy park decorations, and the regular people walking around with various deep wounds (and ninja stars) on their faces, applied by Six Flags employees at little kiosks all over the park. Did I mention I’m a big chicken? (as it turns out, it runs in the family.)

I was more and more convinced with each passing minute that I wanted to be out of there way before dark. AND THEN WE WENT THE WRONG WAY.


The lines were terrible and we only got on three rides in four hours (I would have purchased Express Passes if we had planned to stay all day long), but it wasn’t just about the rides. D and I enjoyed excellent conversation all afternoon: long queues are good for that, and so are Dippin’ Dots.

It was nice to catch up in that atmosphere, just waiting and walking (and shrieking on “Batman: The Ride”) together. He and I don’t get to spend much time together these days, since he’s twenty-two and living on his own in Wisconsin. Sunday afternoon was a real treat, hopefully for both of us.

When it was nearly 5:00, we rounded the corner and found ourselves back at the carousel where a Six Flags employee was lighting the lanterns that surrounded the blood pool.

“That’s it!” I said. “We’re outta here. The zombies will be arriving any second now.”

“I’m right behind you,” he said, and we left safely…and in one piece.

I thought I would take him out to dinner before dropping him off at his apartment, but in the end he took me out to dinner, as he was faster with the credit card when the check came. As the mom I naturally tried to tell him that he didn’t need to pay for my dinner and I had intended on paying for his, but he insisted. I have to say that it feels really nice to see a smile on your kid’s face when they can do something special like that. It was a sweet way to cap off our day.

Thanks so much to Chevrolet for the park tickets, and for the sweet ride: they gave me an Impala to drive for a week. This post is not sponsored by any means but I really wanted to mention the car because it was pretty awesome.

Chevrolet Impala

One of my favorite things about it is completely dorky; indulge me for a second. It makes the sweetest chime when it connects to a cell phone via Bluetooth.

See? Dorky. Anyway, I loved driving the Impala. I found it to have lots of similarities to the Buick Regal (another GM car, of course!) I bought in the spring, which is the best car I’ve ever owned. Thanks again to Chevy for the ride AND the rides. (See what I did there?) I thoroughly enjoyed them all!


All Is Quiet On New Year’s Day (Kind Of.)

by Melisa Wells on October 20, 2014

Hey there, How YOU doin?

I don’t always write a little home page teaser for posts that are on my ad-free page, but I am sharing some really good news over there and I would really love for you to check it out.

Also, you’ll get to see why I already have plans on New Year’s Day.

Here’s a hint:

Door frame

Click here to read more.


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